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I'm Adam Isacson. I live in Washington and work at the Washington Office on Latin America. I'm a dad, a husband, and I don't get enough sleep.




Putting away my passport

That’s it. I’m back from my last work trip of the year. (Bogotá last week.)

It’s been quite a run lately. Since August 15 I’ve been to Mexico 4 times, Colombia 3 times, Uruguay, Texas, California, and Boston. Eight trips in all. That, plus we put on a big conference here in Washington at the end of September.

In these 3 1/2 months, I’ve had the honor to meet dozens — hundreds maybe — of brilliant and brave people. I’ve seen new cities, rented cars, taken buses and trains, eaten new foods and slept in all kinds of hotels. To keep up my energy and avoid getting sick, I’ve adjusted a few habits — and lost 15 pounds in the process. (I should write a post about diet and exercise.)

The absences have taken their toll on my work. Look at my work blog, WOLA’s website, the podcast, “Just the Facts,” the “Border Fact Check" site, even my Twitter feed, and you’ll see there’s been very little new from me these past few months. I’ve had to put more on hold than I’d expected.

That’s over now. Other than a few days in Chicago in early February, I’ve got little travel on the calendar over the next few months. It’s good to be back.

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